Breathe, Stretch, Shake!

Breathe, Stretch, Shake!

The Lone Star State says it best… “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and as a culture, we have adopted the motto. We love everything BIG.  Big gas-guzzling cars, big screen TV’s, the Big Mac, just to name a few.  But, truth be told, bigger isn’t necessarily better.  Take big hair from the 80’s, for instance.  Now, I’m not talking about our waistlines, or the enormous amounts of your hard earned money spent on gas, for these huge trucks that litter the streets, and take up two parking spots. I’m talking about the man meat.

I know some of you are ready to throw a shoe at your computer, iPhone or Android right now as you read this but, I beg you not to.  Let me explain.

Both women and men will have you think that bigger is better in the junk department, but that’s not the case. It’s not the “be all, end all”,  as written by Dr. David Delvin, for his article, “Facts about Penis Size” at, who goes on to say that “Most women are more impressed with the girth rather than the length,” which makes perfect sense. The “vag” is multi-purpose (think one size fits all), and since the “vag” adapts to fit, the penis size likely has no “significant” effect on female satisfaction.

*Allow me to enter my disclaimer here:  If the man meat in question is more cocktail weenie than beef sausage, then visit Dr. Delvin’s article for options and advice.

So guys, if you have been bragging about tooting around that big ol’ thang, don’t give yourself too much credit…and ladies… if you have been saying, “You have to be THIS big (enter ruler measurement here) to ride this ride!”, then you may have some explaining to do!

I’m just saying…


Genevieve is the co- author of the erotic/romance novel Good to the last Drop available at Visit for more info

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