Pardon My Ladywood!

Pardon My Ladywood…

No, I am not talking about the inner-city area of Birmingham, England, in case you were wondering; I am talking about the sexual arousal of women. The term alone sparked my interest so much that I delved a little deeper, with only one question in my mind, “Do women really get “Ladywood’? And to my delight, the answer is YES!  Apparently, my body IS a wonderland (thank you John Mayer),  and as I did research for this entry, I was more and more impressed with all the nooks, crannies, bells and whistles I’ve been blessed with, just because I was born a girl!

Female erectile tissues, AKA “Ladywood”, can be found in several expected and unexpected locations throughout the female body ( i.e- lips, nipples and underarms) There is much more to women’s pleasure than everyones favorite “little man in the boat” (AKA the glorious Clitoris), and there is much more to it than meets the eye, or the mouth, depending on your preference. It seems as though the ultra sensitive “sweet spot” is only the tip of the iceberg. Women have an interlocking set of sexual pleasure parts and as much erotic equipment in their bodies as their male counterparts. Stimulating several areas could make an orgasm even more orgasmic which sounds like all the more reason to play naked Twister and see what comes up!

 Genevieve is the co-author of the erotic/romance novel Good to the last Drop available Visit !GTLD2

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