The Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer.

Ok let’s face it, grown folks do grown things; which are why you never let your kids kiss adults on the lips (that’s a no-no)!  Adults like to do other things with their lips…things that most times consist of all kinds of freaky goodness.I won’t claim to be the world’s best snake charmer (I lie),  but, I will say that it doesn’t take an amateur to know that there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to charming the one-eyed serpent. No need to be reluctant or bashful in your quest for ultimate domination, you have all the tools needed for a happy ending (no batteries included).

“There is nothing like a joyful giver!”

A mouth hug is a joyful experience, but I won’t lie; they don’t call it a BJ for nothing! When it comes to spending a little quality time with your man’s member, you’d better roll up your sleeves, clock in, and put a little elbow grease into it because you might be there for a while.  So it’s best to do it when you want to. A lack of enthusiasm is easily read and felt, so don’t get lazy…have fun with it and take your time.

“No teeth please”

The consensus is in, and nothing makes “Mr. Happy” more unhappy than the occasional nick and scrape. Now, just because your last man was a freak for pain, and would tell you to “go for it” like a rabid pit-bull, doesn’t mean that Mr. Right now is about that life. It’s best to talk about the likes and dislikes first!

“Sloppy Joe” (spit)

Although purely a matter of preference, I am under the assumption that wet is best and a little spit can do the trick. A sip and slurp can be sounds of bliss to your partner’s ears. Forgo your manners, and in the words of Kool and the Gang, “Get down on it”.

“All hands on deck!”

There is no better time to show off your ambidextrousness! Like a master juggler, work your digits to your advantage. Give yourself a much needed break and use the time to make eye contact and watch your ultimate domination at work.

“Today’s your personal holiday” (Blow for no reason)

Like the equivalent of receiving a bouquet of flowers “just because”, the blow for no reason will set your man on cloud nine.

“And the Oscar goes to…” (Put on a Oscar worthy performance of encouragement…)

Channel your inner diva and go for broke. Moan, grunt, and sigh like this is the best Beef Steak Charlie you have ever had!

 “To spit or not to spit”

Far be it from me to suggest anyone to take a hot one to the tonsils, it’s whatever you (the recipient of such salty glory) feels comfortable with.  But I will suggest that no matter the “finish”, give it your all and make it count!


Genevieve is the co- author of the erotic/romance novel Good to the last Drop available at

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