When to let your freak flag fly

With no exception, everyone loves a freak in the bedroom. Being able to exhibit that liberation and sexual freedom is so attractive. Not knowing when to release your inner freak is the problem. And since you cant just jump out the closet in all your Furry Fandom glory (i.e  people who like to dress up like animals during sex) on the first date it leaves one to wonder…

Is there a recommended time you must wait before you release the beast and let your freak flag fly?

 Every situation is different however you should error on the side of caution by waiting until you at least know your partner’s date of birth, middle name, or if they snore.  Releasing you inner freak too early no matter how pleasurable the experience will likely cause your partner to question your discretion and automatically place you into the “Jump Off” category.  That isn’t to say that he/ she wont be up for another serving of freaky pie but don’t be surprised of that’s as far as the relationship goes.

 If you listen attentively and watch for clues, your partner will let you know when it’s ok to take it a little farther and pull out the bunny ears. 



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