No More Brown Paper Bags!!

No More Brown Paper Bags!!

Bringing the heat back into your relationship is as easy is going down to your local drug store and thank goodness. There was a time when going to buy a little something naughty from the slap and tickle was a covert mission. Your attire was nondescript and If you were lucky you had a girl friend to travel with you as a look out. Novelty stores were sometimes situated in the sketchiest part of town and littered with creepy looking guys standing in the “animal” section. The unspoken rule of avoiding eye contact is often respected but the judgment still lingers.

With any luck you found what you were looking for quickly and didn’t have to circle the store like some kind of lost lamb. Once you found your item of choice you head to check out, prayed the guy behind the counter didn’t make needless conversation, grabbed your nondescript brown paper bag purchase and hot tailed it out door. But gone are those days for the every day gal. Now your basic “Feel Good” tool kit can be found at your local CVS or Walgreens just isles away from the milk and the orange juice.

Companies like Trojan have expanded their brand adding low grade toys and massage oils to accompany their condom and lube products all in the effort of keeping us “Turnt up” and turned on, so next time you’re on a late night ice cream run, pick up a little something fun.

“Flicking the toy on, it came to life. She loved that sound; it means that an orgasm was in her near future” – An excerpt from Good to the Last Drop