5 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting A New Relationship


For most people, the first sign of spring could only mean one thing; time to frolic and be free. Budding flowers and longer sun shine hour’s means you can start shedding those winter layers and letting it all hang out. Spring and summer is the time to see and be seen! Besides, what would summer be with out a summer fling?

 Here are 5 things to keep in mind when starting a new “relationship”.

1-DONT Put your health before your (enter appropriate body part here). safety first!

2-Bury all of the drama baggage in the graveyard of the forgotten past.

3-Remember that how you begin something is how you end it so leave the lying for your resume!

4-Don’t over look inconsistencies.

5- Have fun (life is too short to be miserable!).

The Hit List!


 Every one has asked that sweet thing in your life the most dreaded question. The one that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck…(drumroll)

“How many people have you been with?”

 When I was a younger woman I use to entertain this query, begrudgingly fudging the numbers not merely because I didn’t want to be seen as some kind of harlot but because there was just way too much math involved! No woman has that number just hanging out in the back of her head (speaking for myself of course)

 I’d need a calculator because as a golden rule you are allowed to delete anything that happened in Vegas or on vacation, anyone with no real boy/girlfriend potential ( i.e – the cute super of your building) all one night stands, all FWB, anyone from Craigslist or Myspace and anyone that you could never in a million years admit to.

 The older you get, remembering your conquests feels more like taking the SAT’s all over again and who needs that kind of pressure? Is this a relationship or trigonometry?

 With all the passwords and access codes we have to remember today who has the mental capacity to trot down memory lane. I can’t remember to pack my lunch half the time and you want me to remember everyone I ever slept with?

 That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


It’s more than just an orgasm.

It's more than just an orgasm.

“Flicking the toy on, it came to life. She loves that sound; it meant that an orgasm was in her near future.” “Frustrated” -Good to the Last Drop

I cant speak for other woman but without a bit of daily “down there” action dare I say, I begin to feel the effects of “Feminine Hysteria”. Classified as an actual illness back in the Victorian age but later thought to be medical mumbo-jumbo, I think those European doctors were on to something. Every gal needs a little “get right” from time to time just to ward off a case of bitchyness.

Vibrators and sex toys can be found every where, from your hole in the wall sex shop to your local neighborhood drug store and thank heavens because we “women” are so much nicer to the world at large (and ourselves) when we’ve had the big “O”.

Researchers at Rutgers University asked women to self -stimulate while lying in a MRI machine and raise their hands every time they had an orgasm. Some girls have all the luck! Where was I when they were signing gals up for this?

Science has proven that when an orgasm is achieved in a woman it affects up to 30 different parts of her brain triggering feelings of reward, satisfaction, love, and emotion among other things. Its all kinds of good, like a full body work out for your brain!
Get to stimulating ladies, your brain will thank you!

5 tips for being ready when hot sex just falls into your lap.

“I know most of you can relate to the golden opportunity I had before me so I said fuck it!.”             

                                                                        “Overtime ” -Good to the Last Drop


Just imagine, your walking into your local café, resturant or bistro and walk right into your ultimate male crush  i.e; an X boyfriend, co-worker, the President of the United States( sorry Michelle) or  Morris Chestnut ( a girl can dream cant she?)   and he’s feeling you. You guys flirt over Chi lattés and the chemistry is off the chain. He wants to take things further and your lady parts are jumping for joy but just then you realize….  You’ve got the ugly, end of the month panties on. You know the ones with the flowers and the stretched out elastic.  Sure you can play it off and run to the restroom, take them bad boys off and shove them deep into your purse with him being none the wiser but why commit to mad dashes when you can be fierce!As women of the world sometimes shit happens and none of it is planned. Surely you can’t turn down great opportunities because you were unprepared or make a practice of shoving your skivvies in the bottom of your purse. Those kinds of things have a way of resurfacing at the most inopportune times (sorry ma!) So In the words of rapper Fabolous “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready”.

Here are 5  tips on being ready for that hot sex life you have always wanted when that golden opportunity falls into your lap.

  • Illuminate the Granny Panties

I know that as girls we have those days when bloomers just feel like a hug from grandma and the thought of having your ass cheeks out seems utterly ridicules. Lucky for you, retailers on all ends of the spectrum make something “attractive” to meet our fickle needs.

  •   Match it up

Is a guy going to kick you out the bed because your brassiere doesn’t match your panties, NO but they will remember and if they are going to be remembering things why not make it a good one!

  • Maintain the fort

If you’re anything like me, a dry spell comes around every so often and the only person I’m having regular sex with is myself! But don’t let that stop you from doing your pretty girl maintenance. I know you’ve heard the theory behind “dress for success” or ‘Dress the part” well, same thing goes here.. “Dress for Sex”

  • Be-fore  play

Being sexy is a state of mind and it starts with you. Being in a relationship has nothing to do with it. When you feel sexy others will notice and gravitate towards that positive energy.

  • Put on your Sasha- Fierce

When you are insecure about your body in can create an air of hesitation when that golden opportunity comes around so get your self to a realistic place physically and mentally where you can feel free to strut your stuff in all your god given glory and love it!

Mommy may I ?

Everyone knows it’s hard to understand women, and seemingly harder to please them. We are walking contradictions. We want a nice guy with bad habits. A guy who takes his Grandma to church, asks permissions and opens doors, but wears leather jackets, snake skin boots, drives a beast and can kick some ass (delete as applicable) also known as the alpha male!

 The alpha male is dominant and wouldn’t be caught dead asking for permission to hold your hand or kiss you and that’s just the way we (or maybe just I) like it. Superman didn’t ask permission to sweep Lois Lane off her feet, now did he?  But there are some times that even the alpha male        (think James Dean or George Clooney) must get the “Ok” before he proceeds. I don’t care how much smoldering sex appeal Mr. Hottie has, he can’t just whip out the butt plugs,  paddles whips and chains all willy-nilly.

 Some may be saying, “Who’s going to stop in the middle of a mindblowing, bed rattling escapade to ask your partner if it’s ok to _______( fill in the blank with whatever floats your boat),  and I get it, but nothing ruins a good time or a potential orgasm like having something shoved somewhere you don’t want it or wasn’t ready for (ouch!).



Genevieve is the Co- Author of the erotic nove Good to the Last Drop available on Amazon.com


Breathe, Stretch, Shake!

Breathe, Stretch, Shake!

The Lone Star State says it best… “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and as a culture, we have adopted the motto. We love everything BIG.  Big gas-guzzling cars, big screen TV’s, the Big Mac, just to name a few.  But, truth be told, bigger isn’t necessarily better.  Take big hair from the 80’s, for instance.  Now, I’m not talking about our waistlines, or the enormous amounts of your hard earned money spent on gas, for these huge trucks that litter the streets, and take up two parking spots. I’m talking about the man meat.

I know some of you are ready to throw a shoe at your computer, iPhone or Android right now as you read this but, I beg you not to.  Let me explain.

Both women and men will have you think that bigger is better in the junk department, but that’s not the case. It’s not the “be all, end all”,  as written by Dr. David Delvin, for his article, “Facts about Penis Size” at www.Netdoctor.com, who goes on to say that “Most women are more impressed with the girth rather than the length,” which makes perfect sense. The “vag” is multi-purpose (think one size fits all), and since the “vag” adapts to fit, the penis size likely has no “significant” effect on female satisfaction.

*Allow me to enter my disclaimer here:  If the man meat in question is more cocktail weenie than beef sausage, then visit Dr. Delvin’s article for options and advice.

So guys, if you have been bragging about tooting around that big ol’ thang, don’t give yourself too much credit…and ladies… if you have been saying, “You have to be THIS big (enter ruler measurement here) to ride this ride!”, then you may have some explaining to do!

I’m just saying…


Genevieve is the co- author of the erotic/romance novel Good to the last Drop available at Amazon.com. Visit Flagrantpublishing.com for more info