The Thrill Is Gone

When a relationship is fresh and new you simply can’t get enough of one another. There is no limits to the amount of exploration in and out of the bed room but fast forward a few years, add jobs , responsibilities and you can even throw in baby or two for good measure and it can feel like the love train has come to a screeching halt. 

Does your once hot and steamy love life can feel like you have been doing the same old dance for far too long and its time to spice it up but you just don’t know where to start? Well don’t fret; all it takes is a little effective communication.

If you feel shy or uncomfortable at the thought of introducing something new into the bedroom, it’s ok to error on the side of caution. Go to your local adult toy store and purchase a few toys and movies that reflect your desires (keep the receipt!). When you and your lover have managed to slow the world down just long enough for some alone time, tell him/her you want to show him something you bought, hand them the bag of goodies and listen to the reaction.

 If the next thing you see is a smile from ear to ear then you know its a go!. Next stop freakyville!  If there are any signs of resistance pull out the receipt and tell your lover that you can return the items together for something that you would both enjoy.