5 tips for being ready when hot sex just falls into your lap.

“I know most of you can relate to the golden opportunity I had before me so I said fuck it!.”             

                                                                        “Overtime ” -Good to the Last Drop


Just imagine, your walking into your local café, resturant or bistro and walk right into your ultimate male crush  i.e; an X boyfriend, co-worker, the President of the United States( sorry Michelle) or  Morris Chestnut ( a girl can dream cant she?)   and he’s feeling you. You guys flirt over Chi lattés and the chemistry is off the chain. He wants to take things further and your lady parts are jumping for joy but just then you realize….  You’ve got the ugly, end of the month panties on. You know the ones with the flowers and the stretched out elastic.  Sure you can play it off and run to the restroom, take them bad boys off and shove them deep into your purse with him being none the wiser but why commit to mad dashes when you can be fierce!As women of the world sometimes shit happens and none of it is planned. Surely you can’t turn down great opportunities because you were unprepared or make a practice of shoving your skivvies in the bottom of your purse. Those kinds of things have a way of resurfacing at the most inopportune times (sorry ma!) So In the words of rapper Fabolous “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready”.

Here are 5  tips on being ready for that hot sex life you have always wanted when that golden opportunity falls into your lap.

  • Illuminate the Granny Panties

I know that as girls we have those days when bloomers just feel like a hug from grandma and the thought of having your ass cheeks out seems utterly ridicules. Lucky for you, retailers on all ends of the spectrum make something “attractive” to meet our fickle needs.

  •   Match it up

Is a guy going to kick you out the bed because your brassiere doesn’t match your panties, NO but they will remember and if they are going to be remembering things why not make it a good one!

  • Maintain the fort

If you’re anything like me, a dry spell comes around every so often and the only person I’m having regular sex with is myself! But don’t let that stop you from doing your pretty girl maintenance. I know you’ve heard the theory behind “dress for success” or ‘Dress the part” well, same thing goes here.. “Dress for Sex”

  • Be-fore  play

Being sexy is a state of mind and it starts with you. Being in a relationship has nothing to do with it. When you feel sexy others will notice and gravitate towards that positive energy.

  • Put on your Sasha- Fierce

When you are insecure about your body in can create an air of hesitation when that golden opportunity comes around so get your self to a realistic place physically and mentally where you can feel free to strut your stuff in all your god given glory and love it!