5 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting A New Relationship


For most people, the first sign of spring could only mean one thing; time to frolic and be free. Budding flowers and longer sun shine hour’s means you can start shedding those winter layers and letting it all hang out. Spring and summer is the time to see and be seen! Besides, what would summer be with out a summer fling?

 Here are 5 things to keep in mind when starting a new “relationship”.

1-DONT Put your health before your (enter appropriate body part here). safety first!

2-Bury all of the drama baggage in the graveyard of the forgotten past.

3-Remember that how you begin something is how you end it so leave the lying for your resume!

4-Don’t over look inconsistencies.

5- Have fun (life is too short to be miserable!).

The Hit List!


 Every one has asked that sweet thing in your life the most dreaded question. The one that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck…(drumroll)

“How many people have you been with?”

 When I was a younger woman I use to entertain this query, begrudgingly fudging the numbers not merely because I didn’t want to be seen as some kind of harlot but because there was just way too much math involved! No woman has that number just hanging out in the back of her head (speaking for myself of course)

 I’d need a calculator because as a golden rule you are allowed to delete anything that happened in Vegas or on vacation, anyone with no real boy/girlfriend potential ( i.e – the cute super of your building) all one night stands, all FWB, anyone from Craigslist or Myspace and anyone that you could never in a million years admit to.

 The older you get, remembering your conquests feels more like taking the SAT’s all over again and who needs that kind of pressure? Is this a relationship or trigonometry?

 With all the passwords and access codes we have to remember today who has the mental capacity to trot down memory lane. I can’t remember to pack my lunch half the time and you want me to remember everyone I ever slept with?

 That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


No More Brown Paper Bags!!

No More Brown Paper Bags!!

Bringing the heat back into your relationship is as easy is going down to your local drug store and thank goodness. There was a time when going to buy a little something naughty from the slap and tickle was a covert mission. Your attire was nondescript and If you were lucky you had a girl friend to travel with you as a look out. Novelty stores were sometimes situated in the sketchiest part of town and littered with creepy looking guys standing in the “animal” section. The unspoken rule of avoiding eye contact is often respected but the judgment still lingers.

With any luck you found what you were looking for quickly and didn’t have to circle the store like some kind of lost lamb. Once you found your item of choice you head to check out, prayed the guy behind the counter didn’t make needless conversation, grabbed your nondescript brown paper bag purchase and hot tailed it out door. But gone are those days for the every day gal. Now your basic “Feel Good” tool kit can be found at your local CVS or Walgreens just isles away from the milk and the orange juice.

Companies like Trojan have expanded their brand adding low grade toys and massage oils to accompany their condom and lube products all in the effort of keeping us “Turnt up” and turned on, so next time you’re on a late night ice cream run, pick up a little something fun.

“Flicking the toy on, it came to life. She loved that sound; it means that an orgasm was in her near future” – An excerpt from Good to the Last Drop

The Thrill Is Gone

When a relationship is fresh and new you simply can’t get enough of one another. There is no limits to the amount of exploration in and out of the bed room but fast forward a few years, add jobs , responsibilities and you can even throw in baby or two for good measure and it can feel like the love train has come to a screeching halt. 

Does your once hot and steamy love life can feel like you have been doing the same old dance for far too long and its time to spice it up but you just don’t know where to start? Well don’t fret; all it takes is a little effective communication.

If you feel shy or uncomfortable at the thought of introducing something new into the bedroom, it’s ok to error on the side of caution. Go to your local adult toy store and purchase a few toys and movies that reflect your desires (keep the receipt!). When you and your lover have managed to slow the world down just long enough for some alone time, tell him/her you want to show him something you bought, hand them the bag of goodies and listen to the reaction.

 If the next thing you see is a smile from ear to ear then you know its a go!. Next stop freakyville!  If there are any signs of resistance pull out the receipt and tell your lover that you can return the items together for something that you would both enjoy.  

Why a little casual sex can be just what the doctor ordered.

No Boyfriend… No Problem

Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t want to be in relationship, they can be tiring and all consuming. If you have been part of a couple that ended on a sour note, heading heart first into another relationship can seem worse than losing the World Series to the Boston Red Socks (Sorry Yankees). But, there’s no need to worry, No Boyfriend/ Girlfriend…. No Problem!

“Casual sex”, “Hump buddy”, “Hommie lover friend” or “Friends with Benefits”, it goes by many names but no matter what you call it, if done right it can be a win-win.  Casual sex is not for everyone, some people are just relationship Faithfull’s and could never fathom having a little light fling and although it’s true that too much of anything is never good, we can’t overlook the fact that there are just some times in your life when you are simply not ready, willing or able to commit yourself to relationship and a little humping around between two consenting adults is just the thing to get you threw that period in your life. Sometimes a “Homie Lover Friend” is just what the doctor ordered.

Who doesn’t love a little hit it and quit it with no strings attached every now and again. You know that late- night booty call that comes over under a cloak of darkness and leaves like a thief in the night. There are no expectations and no demands, just some good old fashion fun (safe) sex

Casual sex as a life style may work for some but I caution that in the long run it can get pretty lonely, if done right; it can lift your mood, relieve some stress and put the spring back in your step.