It’s more than just an orgasm.

It's more than just an orgasm.

“Flicking the toy on, it came to life. She loves that sound; it meant that an orgasm was in her near future.” “Frustrated” -Good to the Last Drop

I cant speak for other woman but without a bit of daily “down there” action dare I say, I begin to feel the effects of “Feminine Hysteria”. Classified as an actual illness back in the Victorian age but later thought to be medical mumbo-jumbo, I think those European doctors were on to something. Every gal needs a little “get right” from time to time just to ward off a case of bitchyness.

Vibrators and sex toys can be found every where, from your hole in the wall sex shop to your local neighborhood drug store and thank heavens because we “women” are so much nicer to the world at large (and ourselves) when we’ve had the big “O”.

Researchers at Rutgers University asked women to self -stimulate while lying in a MRI machine and raise their hands every time they had an orgasm. Some girls have all the luck! Where was I when they were signing gals up for this?

Science has proven that when an orgasm is achieved in a woman it affects up to 30 different parts of her brain triggering feelings of reward, satisfaction, love, and emotion among other things. Its all kinds of good, like a full body work out for your brain!
Get to stimulating ladies, your brain will thank you!